Freedom Designs Debuts Center-of-Gravity Tilt Chair

Freedom Designs has introduced the Freedom CGX manual chair, featuring a center-of-gravity tilt system with a cable-free design. The Freedom CGX’s major features include a tilt range from -10 to 50°; a tilt system that reduces caregiver strain and effort while reducing the chair’s overall footprint; up to 4x4” of depth adjustment on each size; a front end flared for stability and to be able to accommodate a range of footrest options; a compact size when canes are folded and wheels are removed; and an open design with room for hardware. The Freedom CGX is also transport ready.

The chair’s cable-free tilt design requires fewer moving parts compared to traditional tilt systems, which Freedom says will result in less required maintenance. The Freedom CGX is available in short, medium and long seat widths and depths (ranging overall from 10" to 18"), and in short (21"), medium (24") and tall (27" with handles) back heights. Seat-to-floor heights range from 14.5" to 19". Weight capacity for the chair is 200 lbs.
For more information on the Freedom CGX, call (800) 331-8551, or visit

This article originally appeared in the July 2008 issue of Mobility Management.

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