Invacare Debuts Paralympics Site

Invacare Corp. is celebrating the Paralympic Games with a major new Web site feature devoted to telling its athletes’ stories and tracking their triumphs.

By going to the Invacare home site ( and clicking on the “Determination Meets Innovation” banner, online visitors can take an inside look at Paralympic athletes sponsored by Invacare and Top End.

The site describes various wheelchair sports, including racing, handcycling, tennis and basketball, and provides profiles of Invacare athletes, photo galleries of athletes in action and videos featuring interviews of the athletes themselves. Also included is information on the various types of technology that athletes use to compete at the top of their sports.

Fans can track the progress of their favorite athletes by clicking onto the Medal Count portion of the site. Visitors can even take a look at the gold, silver and bronze medals that will be awarded to the winners.

The Paralympic Games start in Beijing on Sept. 6 and conclude on Sept 17.

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