Allegro “Debuts” Jet-Powered Concept Chair

As its contribution to National Wheelchair Beautification Month in July, Allegro Medical unveiled on its Web site the Jet Powered Concept Chair, described in a news release as “complete with jet engine, fat run-flat high-pressure tires, a rear airfoil, windsock and curb feelers for easy parking.”
The Jet Chair was featured on the home page of, complete with a price tag of $387,568 (marked down from $755,000). Says Allegro VP of Marketing Sean Cramer, “It looks like it belongs in a Batman movie. This tricked-out wheelchair fit our concept so perfectly that we decided it would be fun to advertise it in our electronic catalog and on our Web site.” Cramer added that one customer “added it to his shopping cart and tried to buy it,” while others have asked if the Jet Powered Concept Chair is the real thing.
“It’s not, by the way,” Cramer adds.

This article originally appeared in the September 2008 issue of Mobility Management.

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