Born to Be Wild: British Trike Can Be Driven from a Wheelchair

Wheelchair users who want to unleash their inner biker have a new opportunity thanks to Martin Conquest’s 2008 Conquest R1200R.
The British-built trike boasts a high-performance, 1170cc BMW R1200R series Boxer engine, a chassis made of aircraft-grade steel alloy, and a built-in power wheelchair ramp. An EZ Lock docking system enables wheelchair users to operate the trike while sitting in their chairs.

Other features include an electronic six-speed gearbox, simple push-button operation, a reverse gear, anti-roll bar and twin, heavy-duty adjustable sports shock absorbers in the back to improve handling in a variety of road conditions.

Martin Conquest says, “ISO 9000 procedures (were) applied during manufacture to help create arguably the safest, most accessible three-wheeled vehicle for wheelchair users.” The trike’s hand controls, ramp controls and docking controls are custom mounted to fit the specific measurements and range of motion of individual drivers. The trike accommodates power or manual wheelchairs up to 30" wide and has a total weight capacity of 562 lbs.

And because each ride should express its owner’s unique personality, Martin Conquest offers other options and accessories such as music systems, parking sensors, specialized lighting, custom paintwork and windscreens. To view a demo of the trike in action, go to

This article originally appeared in the September 2008 issue of Mobility Management.

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