Freedom Lift Changes Name to Freedom Sciences

In a move reflective of its focus "on innovative uses of new technology to improve the lives of people who need mobility assistance," Freedom Lift CEO/President Tom Panzarella has announced the company is changing its name to Freedom Sciences.

Freedom Sciences' product lines include the Freedom Seat, an automotive seat that emerges from the vehicle to facilitate transfers; Freedom Lift, a range of lifts for scooters and power chairs; and ATRS, the Automated Transport and Retrieval System (ATRS) that uses robotic and computer assistance to move a power chair onto a vehicle lift and load it into the automobile. ATRS became commercially available in June.

Those product line names will be retained, but Freedom Sciences also has a new red, white and blue logo said to represent "an American company dedicated to utilizing American engineering and innovation."

Freedom Sciences is based in Green Lane, Pa., but you can visit the company in cyberspace at

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