Pride, Quantum Rehab Launch Upgraded Owners' Club Site

Consumers using Pride Mobility or Quantum Rehab products now have a new place to hang out: the Pride & Quantum Owner's Club, aka,

The site looks and operates much like other social networking sites, such as Facebook. There are plenty of opportunities to chat, in general or on specific topics. For "old school" users, content from Pride's Web Talk message boards, collected over the past decade, has been archived and integrated at the new site. A "Top Links" section offers the chance to click through to the site's most popular features, including owners' manuals, resources and warranty information.

Members can also look for a neighborhood Pride/Quantum provider, and post photos and videos. The site's"featured members" encourage interaction by blogging and reaching out to visitors.

Says Pride/Quantum GM of Product Marketing Dick McLane, "We solicited the feedback of current members and product owners we had the opportunity to meet at the Abilities Expos across the country. The new Owner's Club site is cutting edge technologically, and is easier than ever to use and enjoy."

This article originally appeared in the August 2009 issue of Mobility Management.

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