Quickie Friends Choose Facebook Photo Contest Winners

Anyone who still uses the archaic phrase wheelchair bound clearly didn't participate in Quickie's recent Facebook photo contest - and therefore hasn't seen where Quickie users take their chairs.

Sunrise Medical recently held a photo contest through its Quickie Facebook page. Participants were asked to submit photos and captions of themselves that illustrated the contest theme: "Nothing Beats a Quickie!”

The contest drew more than 130 entries, which were narrowed down to 20 finalists. Quickie's Facebook friends were then invited to choose their favorite photos. Sunrise tallied more than 5,000 votes in two weeks.

The winner: Cameron Irwin, a Quickie GTi user in Australia who sent a photo of himself fishing off a pier at sunset: "My Quickie GTi gives me the ability to throw a line in at all the best spots, and that's why Nothing Beats a Quickie." When he learned he'd won, Irwin said, "Wow! This is totally awesome. I'm pretty much ecstatic right now." He thanked Stuart Gibson, who took the winning photo. Sunita Sancheti of Mumbai, India, who uses a Quickie GPV, took second place with her declaration, "It is not a chair, it is a chariot."

Third-place winner Muffy Davis of Salt Lake City noted her Quickie Ti "took me around the world and is still going strong. Nothing beats a Quickie, not even the Great Wall of China!"

The top three winners will receive new Quickie chairs, while the first-place winner will also take part in a photo shoot and be featured in an upcoming Quickie ad.

Quickie has also told its Friends to watch for more contests.

This article originally appeared in the August 2009 issue of Mobility Management.

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