SCOOTER Store Launches New Commercial

Commercial Starts Airing Today in Select Areas

The SCOOTER Store today launched a new commercial entitled "This Is Medicare and America at Its Best," which will be airing on national news networks in selected markets, according to the company.

In a news release, the TV commercial is described as a 60-second spot that shows seniors "maneuvering power wheelchairs to do everyday tasks in a home, as they discuss some of the benefits of power wheelchairs for people with limited mobility."

Doug Harrison, CEO/founder of The SCOOTER Store, says during the commercial that enabling seniors "to live safely and independently in their own homes greatly improves their quality of life and cuts health-care spending. Our nation's physicians prescribe power wheelchairs because they know the loss of personal mobility can lead to painful and costly fall-related injuries and prematurely force people into expensive nursing homes. Together, Medicare, physicians and equipment providers bring mobility to those needing it most."

Harrison is quoted in the news release as saying, "Our ads will emphasize that increased mobility enhances the lives of Medicare beneficiaries, while pointing out that seniors with power wheelchairs save the government more than $1 billion a year from fewer visits to emergency rooms after falls, and by delaying placements in costly nursing homes."

In the commercial, consumers interested in hearing more about the power mobility benefit are asked to call (866) 242-3889, or to visit, a site copyrighted by The SCOOTER Store.

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