Invacare Corp. Donates DME to Haiti Relief Efforts

Invacare Corp. has donated wheelchairs, walkers and other DME in response to this week’s devastating earthquake in Haiti.

The Elyria, Ohio-based manufacturer donated the equipment to MedWish International, a Cleveland non-profit organization that will forward the supplies to Haiti.

Included in Invacare’s donation were 175 Veranda wheelchairs, 640 pairs of crutches, 400 walkers, 100 mattresses, 250 canes and 250 rollators.

Invacare Chairman/CEO Mal Mixon said, “Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the earthquake in Haiti. In light of this terrible tragedy, Invacare is working with MedWish to coordinate the donation of supplies to the relief effort. MedWish has a strong reputation for being able to successfully reach those truly in need.”

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