Ad Campaign Advertises Hiring People with Disabilities

A new national ad campaign starting this month will focus on the many benefits of hiring people with disabilities.

The "Think Beyond the Label" project will run ads on TV, in print, on billboards and on the Web to raise awareness about diversity in the workplace.

As part of its message, the project pokes fun at the fact that "all workplaces accommodate differences, from the 'pattern-deficient' dresser to the man with 'volume control syndrome - i.e., the loud-mouthed employee." The ads will direct people to check out the Web site for information on hiring local people with disabilities.

"The Think Beyond the Label campaign emphasizes the quirks and imperfections of our coworkers and makes the case that no worker is without flaws," says Barbara Otto, executive director of Health & Disability Advocates, the organization behind the project. "The campaign demonstrates that these shortcomings don't impact job performance or show the company down."

Otto says such a campaign is needed because the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is higher than that of the general public. The ads will be seen in 30 states throughout 2010.

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