eMobility Products & Technology: ISS Edition

Secure Adjustability, Ease of Use Are Highlights of Icon Back System

Mobility Management spoke with Randy Willett, VP of Medical for VARILITE, about the Icon Back System.

VARILITE IconQ: What target customers will benefit most from this system?

A: Wheelchair users who find that typical sling upholstery does not provide proper positioning and postural support will benefit from our Icon Back System. Respiration, digestion, swallowing, pain management, social interaction, and comfort all improve when the trunk is supported. Our Icon Back System also benefits users who need a solid mounting structure for headrests, thoracic supports, chest harnesses and hip belts.

Q: Describe the Icon Back's main features and benefits. How is this product different from its competitors or its previous version?

A: When we designed the Icon Back System, we emphasized simplicity, ease of use, secure adjustability and comfort.

Simplicity is achieved through hardware that attaches at two points for quick installation. Our innovative latching system and hardware design make removing and inserting the back support easy for the user when transferring.

Our adjustment mechanism incorporates teeth to provide positive locking recline that prevents the back support from moving during Activities of Daily Living. The self-inflating, air-foam floatation back support cushion uses a rollover design for unsurpassed comfort and protection.

The lightweight Icon Back system is available in four back support styles to meet a range of positioning and support needs. The Icon Back System will fit wheelchairs 12" to 24" wide.

Q: How have you made this product "provider friendly"?

A: Our Icon Back System is especially provider friendly. Only two hardware pieces need to be installed on the wheelchair - all other components are pre-installed. Identical screws are used on every component so only one tool is needed for installation and adjustments. All the screws are accessible from the rear or the side so adjustments can be made with the user in the chair.

Icon Back System hardware is symmetrical so there are no lefts or rights. Our Icon Back System can be installed in four different configurations using the same hardware components. Added seat depth is achieved by simply reversing a bracket. No extra-length bracket is needed. Likewise, setup for growth is achieved by simply mounting the hardware in front of the wheelchair canes rather than the rear.

An Icon Back System Technical Guide shows all the dimensional information needed for the provider to select the correct back support type for their customer. The Technical Guide is available as a printed piece and on our Web site at www.varilite.com. Our Web site also provides information on how to select the correct Icon Back System, HCPCS coding, technical specifications, downloads of product brochures, installation instructions, user manuals, and a dealer locator.

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