Scott Brown Joins Magic Wheels Team

Scott Brown is the new national sales manager at Magic Wheels.

A complex rehab industry veteran, Brown started in the industry with Adaptive Engineering Lab and has also worked for Adaptive Equipment Systems and Sunrise Medical.

"When I first started in this industry 18 years ago, the market was quite different than it is today," Brown says. "We've all had to adapt to a tremendous amount of change throughout the years. A wise man once told me that it's OK to change how you do something, as long as you don't change why you do it. The focus on the end-user and delivering a product that has a positive impact on their lives has always been for me a powerful purpose."

Magic Wheels, headquartered in Seattle, produces two-gear manual wheels, which the company says, "provide the user with two easily shifted gears for extraordinary mobility enhancement to navigate ramps, hills and all types of uneven or rough terrain."

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