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Discovery DCP 12: Giving Every Child the Chance to Ride a Bike

Mobility Management spoke with Ken Vanstraelen, president, Freedom Concepts, about the Discovery DCP 12 mobility device.

Q: What target customer will benefit most from the Discover DCP 12?

A:Discovery is the mobility device that started it all for Freedom Concepts (www.freedomconcepts.com). The DCP 12 is directed towards younger special needs individuals who would like to experience the freedom of mobility, because most traditional trikes are not adequate for many individuals in the special needs community. The DCP 12 allows a younger demographic the chance to experience the freedom of a bike ride, because everyone deserves the chance to ride a bike.

Q: Briefly describe the DCP 12's main features and benefits. How is it different than other trikes currently on the market?

A: Each DCP 12 is custom-built to meet an individual's specific needs; however, we can make devices that can be used in a multi-user environment. There is a number of unique features that can be placed on the DCP 12 and our other mobility devices, including:

  • Rear Steering: The rear steer allows a parent or caregiver to steer and brake the bike from behind, if needed. Once the rider is more comfortable with the reciprocal movement, an adjustment can be made to allow the rider more control.
  • 4-Point Chest Harness: The 4-point butterfly design enables riders to maintain an upright body position, which allows them to focus their attention on the mobility device.
  • Parking Brake: The parking brakes can be installed on one or both of the rear wheels, or can be purchased separately to install on an existing mobility device.
  • Pedal Brake: The pedal brake can be added for riders with limited hand function, but the ability to coordinate braking with their legs.
  • Custom Mount of Lateral Support Bracket: Seat backs can accommodate custom mounts for lateral extensions for additional trunk support.
  • Custom Mount of Headrest Support Bracket: Seat backs can accommodate custom mounts for rider-specific headrests.
  • Solid Tire Inserts: You'll never have to pump a tire with air again. The never-go-flat tire inserts are perfect for a multi-user environment.

Q: How has Freedom Concepts made the DCP12 "provider friendly"?

A:Freedom Concepts' mobility devices are custom built to meet the necessary needs of each rider. Our account representatives do evaluations on each individual to ensure that they are fitted with the proper device for their diagnosis and needs. The mobility devices also allow for six inches of rider growth. There is also a number of literature materials available for customer needs, including a product catalogue and information sheets.

The account representatives travel to their areas numerous times a year, which allows for personal contact with each customer, school and clinic. The support staff in the two offices provides fast and courteous service for replacement parts or to answer any questions that may arise.

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