Universal Software & HealthCall Partner on HealthCall Direct

Universal Software Solutions and HealthCall have partnered to create a system to automate critical DME business operations concerning patient outreach, such as working with clients to refill supplies.

The new system, called HealthCall Direct, works with Universal Software's Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS) to automate DME patient outreach processes. HealthCall Direct links the patient information contained in Universal Software's system with the HealthCall system so the new HealthCall Direct system can contact clients and support them as they reorder DME supplies.

Says Dave Golen, Universal's VP of business development, "This will create a completely new standard of care. As HME suppliers are facing more costs and less room for service, this will fully automate a time-consuming process, enable more management by exception and ensure patients receive the supplies they need."

For more information, visit universalss.com or healthcall.com.

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