AHIA Partners with All American Homes

Accessible Home Improvement of America (AHIA) and All American Homes have announced a partnership to provide new homes designed to meet accessibility needs.

"All of us at AHIA are extremely excited and ready to embark on this new partnership with All American Homes," said Jerry Keiderling, president of AHIA and U.S. Rehab. "Their focus on quality and professionalism can be witnessed in all they do and in their vision for the future. Being on the cutting edge of specifically designing new homes to meet the needs of those with accessibility issues fills a special niche within our program offerings. Their ability to think outside the box is a valuable tool for any company that has the future in mind."

Keiderling described All American Homes (allamericanhomes.com) as "proactive and innovative." All American is the builder of the NextGen home, an accessible home being erected in the Georgia World Congress Center for Medtrade this month.

Rick Bedell, president of All American homes, said of the new deal, "All American is looking forward to working closely with AHIA to develop new homes designed specifically for an accessible lifestyle. Building a new home is often the most cost-effective and practical option for Americans seeking independent living. They can have a home that is built safely, quickly and with the quality they deserve."

AHIA (accesshomeamerica.com) is a nationwide network of independently owned and operated providers and contractors with Certified Environmental Access Consultant (CEAC) credentials.

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