2011 Editorial Round Table

Despite Challenges, Moving Forward…& Gaining Ground

Q: As a complex rehab business, what are your goals for 2011?

Rick Graver, Medtech Services: Our goals are to continue to increase efficiencies by using technology to improve communications with our customers, our referral sources, and each other. With shrinking margins and increased costs, driving down the overhead expenses by improving our processes will be crucial to profitability.

Cody Verrett, ATG Rehab: We want to continue to utilize technology and best practices to service patients requiring complex rehab equipment at the highest possible levels, while continuing to grow through strategic acquisitions, quality associate ATP additions, and by organically increasing existing marketshare.

A more industry-wide goal of ours is to preserve access for individuals with disabilities by promoting and pushing for legislation in Washington, D.C., and to implement a separate benefit category for the provision of complex rehabilitation technology. Patrick Boardman, Active American Mobility: We have several goals for 2011.

  • ATP Competencies: ATP competencies are at the top of that list for us. The ATP of years ago simply had to know the equipment. In today’s market the successful ATP must possess knowledge of clinical, reimbursement, marketing, legislative, alternative funding, and equipment issues. In 2011 our ATPs will receive more internal and external training than ever before.
  • Home Accessibility Services: We recently launched our home accessibility division. This was a natural progression from the services we were already providing to our patients. We plan to hire additional employees in 2011 to support this new division.
  • Expansion: In 2010 we opened locations in San Antonio and Dallas. We are focused on greater expansion in 2011. In 2011 we will have a new supply division that will provide recurring products to CPAP, urological, incontinence, enteral feeding, and wound care patients. These services will be provided to a combination of new patients as well as the large volume of patients already on service with Active American.
  • Formulary: 2011 will see Active American provide its ATPs with the most comprehensive “Best Picks” formulary in our history. Our ATPs will be compensated based on profit and revenue as in the past, but the compensation will be tilted in favor of profitability.
    ATPs at Active American will always be empowered to select the Best Outcome products for the patient, even when such products are not on our formulary.
  • Education: In 2011 we will conduct more educational events than ever in our history. With changes in reimbursement occurring at such a rapid rate, we will educate referrals about these changes through multiple channels.
  • Efficiency: While we lead our markets in eval-to-delivery times, our 2011 goal is to decrease processing times by 40 percent. This will mean that clients will get their equipment much sooner and we will see payment sooner, thus decreasing our DSO.

This article originally appeared in the January 2011 issue of Mobility Management.

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