New Reopening Request Form, Checklist Now Available from DME MACs

A new, universal form to reopen requests is now available from the four DME MACs.

Also available are a checklist and a form completion guide, created to help suppliers determine whether a claim can be reopened, if reopening a claim is the right step to take in trying to resolve claim determination issues, and how to properly complete the reopening request form.

To download the form, checklist and completion guide, click HERE or go to, then click on DME Forms.

All four DME MAC jurisdictions are using identical forms and documents. A bulletin from NHIC Corp., the Jurisdiction A DME MAC, said, "Suppliers who submit claims across multiple jurisdiction will only need to complete this one Reopening Request Form regardless of which DME MAC to whom they are submitting their request."

The bulletin stated that representatives from all four DME MACs collaborated on the form to "ensure consistency in reopening requests across all jurisdictions. Using the new form will help to streamline the reopening submission process and will help the DME MACs to ensure that your request is processed timely and accurately."

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