Invacare Launches Response to Competitive Bidding

In response to Medicare's competitive bidding program for DME - as well as the new funding and financial landscapes that providers are now facing - Invacare Corp. has launched a new solution.

The Invacare One Partner electronic book - aka, e-book - is described as having compiled "all the tools a provider needs to thrive in these challenging times in one easy-to-use business plan."

The interactive e-book, Invacare says, helps providers "craft the building blocks of their business plan." The e-book includes "information on financing, non-delivery oxygen technology, merchandising, repairs, co-pay collection and more" that can give providers "the tools they need to redefine their approach and focus on their core business strengths."

Carl Will, Invacare's senior VP of global commercial operations, says, "National competitive bidding is changing the business landscape for those in the initial bid areas, as well as providers preparing for the possibility of widespread reimbursement changes. For providers, focusing on the fundamentals of your business is critical, and partnering with a manufacturer with all the tools you need to support your business plan will put you on the path to success."

The e-book is available at to providers who access Invacare Pro.

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