Otto Bock Buys Tri Quality

Otto Bock U.S. Healthcare has purchased Tri Quality Inc., a seating system manufacturer located in Sacramento, Calif.

Tri Quality is best known in rehab circles for its Nu-Tec Rehab ( seating and positioning products, including customized products. In an announcement about the acquisition, Otto Bock ( indicated that Tri Quality's 28 employees had joined Otto Bock.

In an interview with Mobility Management, Otto Bock Business Unit Director Matt Swiggum said of the acquisition, "We are extremely excited with the industry experience that comes with the employees of Tri Quality Nu-Tec. There are many employees with over 15 years' experience coming from a variety of different companies from within the industry. We also believe by adding the planar seating and the many other various products they have in the portfolio, we can really extend our offering to customers. Tri Quality Nu-Tec has a few products in development that we also feel can offer cost-conscious customers looking for value a different outlet or solutions. Some of the products may not be well known, and we also see this as an opportunity to create added awareness."

Swiggum said Otto Bock's John Crane "will be stepping into the role of senior operations manager effective immediately." Crane is located in the Sacramento area, and Swiggum said Otto Bock will retain the Sacramento location "for the foreseeable future."

Otto Bock's American offices are in Minneapolis.

Swiggum also sees advantages in the fact that both Otto Bock - whose corporate headquarters are in Duderstadt, Germany - and Tri Quality have German founders. "The two cultures are similarly aligned," he explained.

The two complex rehab manufacturers also complement each other product wise, Swiggum said.

"Tri Quality Nu-Tec can fill portfolio gaps in the current Otto Bock line and vice versa. Otto Bock has a growing sales and marketing engine in the rehab business unit, and Tri Quality Nu-Tec is strong in filling customer needs. This acquisition continues to fortify the Otto Bock commitment to the industry today and in the future. The ability of Tri Quality to react quickly to the needs of the market will also add value given the sales and marketing support by Otto Bock."

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