Vantage Mobility Launches New Web Site

Vantage Mobility International (VMI) has debuted a new Web site designed to "bring the excitement and freedom of owning a wheelchair minivan to users worldwide."

In a news announcement, VMI President Doug Eaton said, "Through our new Web site, we're better able to communicate the latest products and trends with our dealers and customers. We're not just a mobility company; we help people live life to the fullest. Our customers have the freedom to travel anywhere, without the hassle of transporting their wheelchairs to and from an event or activity. We want everyone to imagine all the possibilities when purchasing one of our wheelchair conversion vans. It's not just a product we're offering; it's a way of life."

The new Web site seeks to educate consumers about more than just VMI product, however. One of the new features is called "First-Time Buyers," which gives advice on finding appropriate wheelchair-accessible motor vehicles.

The site also includes a dealer locator - searchable by ZIP code as well as by vehicle or service type - company updates and product information.

Visit the new site by going to

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