SCOOTER Store Announces New Privacy Officer

Terry Goatley is the new HIPAA Privacy Officer for The SCOOTER Store, the company has announced.

Goatley is taking over for Tom Hood, the current privacy officer who retired in August after eight years with The SCOOTER Store (

In a news announcement about Goatley's appointment, The SCOOTER Store said, "As the new HIPAA Privacy Officer, Goatley is responsible for maintaining and facilitating enforcement of the company's privacy programs, policies and practices. Goatley will act as the primary focal point for all privacy questions, issues, responses and improvement initiatives while collaborating with Jay Greene, senior VP of information technology, who serves as the company's HIPAA Security Officer."

SCOOTER Store Senior VP and Corporate Compliance Officer Tim Zapp added, "The SCOOTER Store is committed to going above and beyond expectations for protecting the personal health information of our customers. Our significant investments in corporate compliance and privacy protection demonstrate that serious commitment."

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