NCART Medicaid Summit Planned for November

NCART's National Medicaid Summit, Nov. 30-Dec. 1, will take place in St. Louis, says executive director Don Clayback.

An NCART bulletin about the event says, "The challenges facing state Medicaid programs have never been greater. Given the significance of Medicaid funding for complex rehab technology (CRT), CRT stakeholders need to be informed and actively engaged with their states more than ever before to prevent cuts in coverage and payment."

The event at the Marriott St. Louis Airport gives providers, manufacturers and state association directors the chance to compare notes and strategies aimed at identifying future Medicaid hot spots and dealing with them effectively.

Ten sessions will take place during the two-day summit:

-- Medicaid Stats and Policy Trends: Review of national issues and trends. Will include a discussion of states' options to implement policy and payment changes, what the future of Medicaid looks like, and what that means for access to CRT.

-- NCART's Legal Advocacy Project: An update of the activities and results to date and what's needed to increase participation and successful outcomes.

-- Medical Necessity Documentation: Review of the key elements to document to be successful in initial approval or when appealing claim denials. Learn what should be included and what to exclude.

-- Maximizing Medicaid Advocacy Resources: While the battles are growing, so are the resources to fight them. Hear what's available, where to get them, and how to use them. This will include NCART's new Medicaid CRT Liaison Network.

-- State Case Studies, Wins and Losses: Suppliers and associations discuss the issues they have been fighting, the tactics used, the outcomes obtained, and the take-aways.

-- Getting a Separate Benefit Category in Your State: While work is continuing on a federal level, learn how to pursue separate recognition on a state level within the Medicaid program.

-- Medicaid Managed Care: Given the major growth of managed care, hear what you need to know and what regulations managed care organizations need to be following.

-- Audits and Investigations: Something every supplier is dealing with. Learn about current activities and the steps to follow in responding to and resolving these in the Medicaid arena.

-- Accountable Care Organizations: A big part of healthcare reform. Hear what they are and what your business should be doing so you're not left out.

-- Open Forum: Open discussion time. Discuss uncovered topics and review other matters regarding national Medicaid advocacy activities.

Registration for the summit is $229 per attendee, and Clayback encouraged early registration, as space is limited. Visit for more information.

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