10 Years: Perspectives from the Industry

Barry Steelman: Making a Mark

I have been in this industry for 10 years now. One of my first advertising contacts was from Karen Cavallo. Karen informed me that she was starting a new rehab magazine. In her opinion, the industry was needing a publication that focused on the issues of complex rehab (a term that did not exist at the time). She made a very compelling argument about her new publication, and I was looking to make my mark as the new marketing manager for Permobil. Of course, I inquired about the back cover ad space, which was not available at the time. Not a deal-breaker, for I believed in Karen’s passion and somehow knew that becoming a part of this new magazine was imperative for the Permobil’s future and growth.

Here we are 10 years later. In that time, the back cover became available, and I grabbed the opportunity as soon as I heard about it. Mobility Management has become one of the premier publications for the complex rehab industry. With Karen’s passion and Laurie’s incredible writing, they have stood the test of time and weathered the storm. Other publications have become victims of the tightening of the belt in the industry, but Mobility Management has positioned themselves as the publication to turn to for industry events and happenings. I am thrilled to have been a part of the growth and look forward to the journey that lies in wait for us.

Congratulations Karen, Laurie and Mobility Management on your great accomplishment.

About the Author

Barry Steelman is the marketing manager for Permobil, headquartered in Lebanon, Tenn.

This article originally appeared in the October 2011 issue of Mobility Management.

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