NGS: Proper Info Needed for Redeterminations

National Government Services (NGS), the Jurisdiction B DME MAC, is reminding suppliers to provide the correct information when submitting redetermination requests.

In a bulletin to DME suppliers, NGS said it has "seen an increase in the number of redeterminations being requested on overpayments where suppliers have not provided correct information - i.e., claim control number, refund request document control number, etc."

NGS said suppliers should also include a copy of the overpayment recovery letter, and added that supplying inaccurate information could delay redetermination request processing.

The bulletin also noted that the four DME MACs "have developed a DME MAC redetermination request form, checklist and DME MAC redetermination completion guide to assist with the proper completion of a redetermination request and determining whether appeal rights exist."

Download a pdf of those tools by clicking HERE.

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