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Pier Project Seeks to Bring Accessible Fishing to Austin

Some 1.5 million visitors come to Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas, every year - but the lake has no fishing opportunities that are ADA accessible.

A project being undertaken by the CORE Health Foundation seeks to change that.

The foundation is currently in the midst of fund raising - its goal is $400,000 - to build an accessible pier that will enable all visitors to fish without using a boat.

Nicole Harmon, Ph.D., research & development director at CORE Health Foundation, told Mobility Management that such a pier would provide an appealing environment for healthcare professionals, such as occupational and physical therapists, to work with clients on gaining or sharpening various skills and functions.

But the pier would also provide a fun, fresh-air environment for families and community residents of all ability levels, Harmon added.

"The CORE Health Foundation is a disability advocacy organization whose mission is to eliminate discriminatory barriers while improving the transition for those trying to cross them," Harmon said.

Construction of the pier was approved by the Texas Parks & Recreation board last fall. Building plans are based on an accessible pier that was built at Nacogdoches Lake, also in Texas.

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