Sunrise Launches Custom Modification Program for JAY

Sunrise Medical has launched JAY Your Way, a custom modification service for selected JAY seat cushions and backs.

A news announcement about the new program said it can "be used to go beyond the standard order form to create a cushion or back manufactured to users' exact specifications and needs. The same comprehensive mix of modifications that JAY has always offered has expanded and can now be ordered quickly and easily on select JAY products using a new online ordering process."

The customization service offers modifications to foam bases (including reducing or increasing width or depth), fluid inserts, backrests and covers.

Sunrise says the most common modifications requested involve fluid inserts, which can be underfilled, overfilled or altered to accommodate obliquities and optimize immersion and skin protection.

A JAY Your Way catalog, available at, details customization options. For more information on the JAY Your Way program, visit Sunrise online, or click HERE.

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