DME MACs Issue "Dear Physician" Letter on Continued Use

The four DME MACs have created a "Dear Physician" letter about the need to document Medicare beneficiaries' continuing use of various types of DME.

"By Medicare statute," the Dec. 29 letter says, "lack of physician documentation regarding a beneficiary's continued need and use of an item of DMEPOS will result in claim denials."

The letter suggests that DME still needed and being used by beneficiaries can be included in beneficiaries' medication lists, which are routinely created by many doctors and updated every time a patient visits.

"In the event of a record request from the medical equipment supplier," the letter says, "this Equipment/Medication List can be provided along with office notes to support your patient's claim for Medicare coverage."

The letter is signed by the four DME MAC medical directors: Dr. Paul Hughes (Jurisdiction A), Dr. Stacey V. Brennan (Jurisdiction B), Dr. Robert Hoover Jr. (Jurisdiction C) and Dr. Richard Whitten (Jurisdiction D).

Click HERE to download a copy of this letter.

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