Q&A with Steven DuFresne, The Comfort Company

What ViCair Technology Means to Cushion Consumers

Mobility Management: What target customer will benefit most from this product/service?

ViCair's U.S. Product Manager Steven DuFresne: Anyone and everyone on a cushion! ViCair simply put is the most versatile high-performance skin protection & positioning cushion on the market. The success of this life-saving product in Europe is absolutely astonishing. Unit sales throughout Europe have rivaled that of even the largest manufacturers in the dry flotation market. As many know, there are drawbacks to any product, but I truly feel that the ViCair cushion can work for the vast majority of the population in need of a high-end skin protection & positioning seating surface.

The ViCair line offers the E-coded 2624 Vector Cushion and the E-coded 2622 Adjuster Cushion. They start at 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep, and go all the way up to 22 inches wide and 22 inches deep. Each cushion size has a maximum weight capacity of 550 lbs.

MM: Describe ViCair's features and benefits -- how is it different from its competitors?

SD: ViCair's distribution within the continental U.S. has doubled every year since its introduction through its partnering with The Comfort Company (comfortcompany.com). We all know that word of mouth for products solving real-world problems is infectious, and that is exactly what is happening from ViCair's unique design features.

It's really not a secret that ViCair is catching on. Doctors, clinicians, ATPs and the end-users themselves are looking for a new air technology that solves some of the problems that are prevalent among other cushions. Features that ViCair boasts are maintenance-free usage, stability and light weight, to go along with the skin-protection features of an air cushion.

MM: How have you made ViCair "provider friendly"?

SD: What's making it win the hearts of therapists around the world? That's simple. After the cushion is set up by a clinically certified professional, it does not need to be maintained on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

That's right, no more checking to see if it properly inflated, neither by the therapist nor the patient.

And when you take maintenance and compliance out of the equation with seating & positioning, the choice for many has become very clear. The Comfort Cell Technology eliminates the ever-present problem of educating your patients on how to maintain the cushion. Just let them go home with the peace of mind of knowing that this cushion will be set up and properly inflated and ready for them to use.

I hope you have an opportunity to experience the next generation of air cushion technology. You will be hard pressed to find a more practical, cost-effective and safer product for a patient to sit on. Put your career and your patient's rear on the cutting-edge of cushion technology, and switch to the ViCair seating solutions.

ATPs and suppliers can call me - (414) 807-9510 -- to have a chat about what ViCair can do for them and their patients.

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