ATG Rehab Acquires Custom Healthcare & Gulf Coast Rehab

ATG Rehab has acquired Custom Healthcare and Gulf Coast Rehab Equipment -- specialists in complex seating & mobility solutions and repair services for consumers in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

This latest acquisition adds 13 locations to ATG Rehab's portfolio.

ATG Rehab acquired Custom Holdings LLC, whose subsidiaries are Custom Healthcare and Gulf Coast Rehab Equipment.

A news announcement of the acquisition said Gulf Coast Rehab and Custom Healthcare managers and ATPs will stay on to serve their more than 6,500 clients at 50 major hospitals and rehabilitation facilities in the Gulf Coast area.

"Custom Healthcare and Gulf Coast Rehab's operating philosophy parallels that of ATG Rehab, which makes this transition seamless for the clients, clinicians and complex rehab facilities we serve in the Gulf Coast region," said James Hartman, VP of business development, Custom Holdings LLC. "Both companies uphold the highest standards of practice in rehabilitation technology to improve our clients' quality of life and level of independence."

ATG Rehab President Paul Bergantino has emphasized the local qualities and aspects of providing complex rehab technology, and he referenced those beliefs in the news announcement.

"The complex rehab business has and always will be about local services that respect the distinct needs of clients and healthcare facilities in each city and town," Bergantino said. "Through strong regional leadership, ATG Rehab's vast service area offers the best of both worlds. We're combining the efficiencies of a large company with personalized attention from seasoned, local assistive technology professionals who truly understand the communities they serve."

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