NGS No Longer to Provide Redetermination Letter Acknowledgements

National Government Services (NGS) will no longer mail suppliers letters to acknowledge their redetermination requests.

The Jurisdiction B DME MAC eliminated the mailing of such letters effective April 26.

Instead, suppliers submitting redetermination and reopening requests to NGS can use the Connex Web application or the interactive voice response (IVR) system to check the status of those requests.

The online Connex Web application gives suppliers access to a range of Medicare information, including claims status, eligibility and financial details, NGS said in a news announcement.

"Connex displays the status of a redetermination or reopening request in both a pending or finalized status and includes all redeterminations/reopenings requests regardless of how they were originally initiated, i.e., written, fax, telephone, or Connex," NGS said in the announcement. "The Connex search functionality allows you to quickly find information without having to place calls to the National Government Services Provider Contact Center or the IVR system."

Suppliers choosing instead to use the IVR system should choose option 4 and enter data including the National Provider Identifier, Provider Transaction Access Number, last five digits of the tax identification number, beneficiary's Medicare number, beneficiary first and last name, beneficiary's date of birth, and CCN, NGS says.

After those elements are authenticated, suppliers can check appeal status, received date, dates of service and appeal decision, NGS said.

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