Sunrise Debuts Online Technician Support Center

Service techs looking for hands-on repair or maintenance help have a new tool: a technical support center created especially for them by Sunrise Medical.

In the Support Center, technicians can view brief, but comprehensive videos on a range of tech topics.

Topics currently available online include fault codes, battery troubleshooting, controller access, troubleshooting power seating actuators and motor troubleshooting.

The videos run for approximately two to five minutes each and are thorough in their scope. For instance, the video on battery replacement for the Quickie Pulse 6 begins with the technician first demonstrating how to access the batteries under the seat.

"We're going to remove the two knobs that are located directly underneath the front of the seat that attach the seat to the post itself," he says. "These are thumb screws, which can be removed by hand, and they secure the front of the seat to the base."

The specific nature of each video enables technicians to quickly view only the demonstrations they need.

Says Michael Proffitt, VP of marketing, "If they're replacing a motor, say on a QM-710, they can go and watch a three-and-a-half-minute video on how to do it."

Proffitt says that while Sunrise still encourages technicians to also read the product manuals, the videos offer a new and helpful perspective. "By virtue of seeing someone do it, it's a lot easier than having to go through, read (the manual) and try to visualize what the writer is trying to convey."

To determine which topics to cover in the videos, says Marketing Manager Kristyn Campbell, "We worked with tech support and customer service about their most frequently asked questions, typically."

Sunrise has posted approximately 20 videos thus far, but Proffitt says the manufacturer plans many more.

A second section of the Web site offers resources such as diagnostic code information, programming information, service manuals, tech bulletins and specialty control setup guides.

The Technician Support Center is currently available free of charge for Sunrise suppliers and technicians. Contact your Sunrise rep for more information.

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