EquaPressure Announces Medline Agreement

EquaPressure, manufacturer of EquaGel wheelchair seat cushions, has entered a distribution agreement with Medline Industries, says EquaPressure President Dan Hill.

The seat cushions are made of a dry-polymer gel that has "unbelievable tensile and compression strength and incredible durability," according to EquaPressure.

In describing how these seat cushions work, EquaPressure says, "Each wall of gel is capable of supporting only a light load. When that threshold is exceeded, the wall of gel buckles into the hollow area between walls and passes the weight to the surrounding walls for support. This 'buckling and weight-passing' happens instantly and repeatedly until the maximum surface area of pressing weight is evenly supported by largely equalized pressure."

Medline Industries, headquartered in Mundelein, Ill., distributes a range of products for the home health care, long-term care and hospital care sectors. Medline was recently named one of "Chicago's Best and Brightest Companies to Work For" by the National Association for Business Resources.

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