ATG Rehab Acquires United Rehab Specialists' CRT Business

ATG Rehab has added more Texas locations following the announcement that it's acquired the complex rehab technology portion of United Rehab Specialists (URS).

URS's locations in Dallas, Austin, Waco and Houston have joined the existing 13 offices in ATG's south central region of the country, which includes Alabama, Georgia, northern Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. A URS team of nine ATPs and 42 employees became part of ATG Rehab according to the deal.

"URS's commitment to local, personalized service and its ATPs' high level of experience provide ATG Rehab with additional resources to effectively reach more clients in central and southeast Texas," James Hartman, ATG Rehab's regional president, said as part of the announcement.

Four URS partners - Scott Wallace, Lynn Springfield, Danny Matthiesen and Will Jiron - will assume senior leadership roles at the new ATG offices.

The latest acquisitions bring ATG Rehab's total number of locations to more than 55 in 30 states.

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