ATG Rehab & United Seating & Mobility Announce Merger

Two of complex rehab technology’s biggest providers – ATG Rehab and United Seating & Mobility (USM) – will become partners in what the companies are calling “a merger of equals.”

Paul Bergantino, currently the president/CEO of ATG Rehab, will serve as president/CEO of the combined company, while Bob Gouy, president/CEO of USM, will become executive chairman, the companies announced in a news release.

Within months, the companies will announce “a new name for the combined entity,” the news statement said. Until then, ATG and USM will operate under their current names.

Currently, USM has 64 offices in 26 states. ATG has 63 offices in 30 states.

Both companies have vigorously acquired complex rehab provider businesses in recent years.

The merger “creates a company with the resources to innovate and adapt in a challenging healthcare environment,” the statement said. “ATG and USM bring complementary expertise, talent and systems that will enable the combined company to deliver better services, maintain a wider network and generate greater value to customers and other stakeholders. From enhancing consumer services to creating value-added products for payors, the company will leverage their combined differences and best practices to provide an offering unmatched in the industry.”

Gouy said of the merger, “The combination of ATG and USM creates a company with the resources to invest in protecting and improving consumer access to complex mobility and the other technologies they require. I could not be more excited about this merger and the value and opportunity it creates for the customers we serve and our collective teams."

Bergantino called the merger “truly exciting news.” He added, "We saw the opportunity to build on the strengths of two great organizations, which include the top ATPs, support teams and management in the industry. Our combined company will remain true to our mission of ‘staying local as we grow,’ providing our customers with proper fit, fast delivery, outstanding communication and responsive repair turnaround times. Additionally, our company will be on the cutting edge of providing innovative solutions that meet the specialized medical equipment needs of children and adults in communities across the country."

ATG Rehab is headquartered in Rocky Hill, Conn. USM’s corporate offices are in Hazelwood, Mo.

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