UsersFirst Simplifies Registration Process

Educated consumers are empowered consumers, but UsersFirst also knows that consumers face many demands for their time.

So the advocacy organization has created the UsersFirst Mobile Registration form that can be downloaded to mobile devices via a QR code.

UsersFirst, whose parent company is United Spinal Association, handed out flyers containing the QR code at last week's Numotion meeting. The organization is encouraging ATPs, clinicians and other industry stakeholders to load the form to mobile devices that they have with them while working with seating & mobility clients.

Industry professionals can then bring up the forms quickly to facilitate on-the-spot registrations for UsersFirst.

While people who make registration referrals can remain anonymous, UsersFirst is holding a registration contest starting March 7 and ending Sept. 30. At Medtrade, Oct. 8 in Orlando, Fla., UsersFirst will announce the names of the consumer, clinician and ATP who contributed the most registrations.

For more information on UsersFirst activities for the year -- the organization is sponsoring the International Seating Symposium's consumer day on Wed., March 6 -- go to

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