Convaid Creates Fund-A-Chair Program

Given the challenging reimbursement landscape filled with budget cuts, red tape and long waits, consumers may be understandably motivated to take funding issues into their own hands.

Convaid is supporting those consumers by launching the Fund-A-Chair program to help rally and organize families' fund-raising efforts.

Consumers seeking to collect funds to purchase Convaid equipment can start by creating accounts on, a free fund-raising Web site. As part of their fund-raising description, consumers can include a paragraph that says they’re participating in Convaid's Fund-A-Chair program.

Convaid's Fund-A-Chair program launched June 1. Convaid will give a 10-percent discount on equipment and a free canopy or basket to consumers who reach their fund-raising goals during the kick-off month.

"We created this program to give families another option when trying to raise funds for their much-needed wheelchairs and other medical equipment," Convaid President Chris Braun said in a news announcement. "Oftentimes, families find that loved ones are more than willing to contribute $25 here or there, but don't feel like that's significant enough. By using the new program, people will see that every dollar does count." is currently used by people raising funds to cover medical expenses, tuition costs or living expenses for families hit by hardships. Convaid's program encourages consumers to explain what sort of equipment a family is seeking and why they've turned to fund-raising: "Is your insurance not covering the cost? Having trouble getting it approved?" The Youcaring site enables consumers to share their projects with social media friends and connections.

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