VGM Signs Partnership Agreement with van Halem Group

The VGM Group has signed a partnership agreement with The van Halem Group, a consulting business specializing in audits.

In a news announcement, VGM said the partnership includes its U.S. Rehab division.

As part of the agreement, The van Halem Group will offer discounted monthly compliance packages that feature quarterly audits, education and training, and a compliance hotline for VGM Group members.

The van Halem Group - at the time, known as WHV Consulting -- was started in 2006 by Wayne van Halem, who serves as the company's president. The company is based in Atlanta.

"We are delighted to have Wayne and his very experienced colleagues on board to assist our members with the rash of audits that are plaguing the HME/rehab industries," said VGM & Associates President Ron Bendell. "The van Halem Group's consultants and clinicians are former HHS [U.S. Department of Health & Human Services] or Medicare contractor employees, so they are in a unique position to help our members both proactively with compliance plans and when that audit letter arrives."

van Halem pointed out that in the current regulatory environment, "Compliance is no longer an option... so suppliers must be proactive in assuring that the claims they submit are accurate and meet strict adherence to government regulations, or they can face additional scrutiny. These plans are designed as an inexpensive way to integrate the required elements of a compliance program into your daily operations."

The van Halem Group will also offer other audit-related services, such as on-site compliance assessments and appeal preparation.

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