Numotion Offers to Service Alliance Seating & Mobility Equipment

Numotion has a timely message for former clients of Alliance Seating & Mobility: We'll service your complex rehab seating & mobility equipment.

The offer comes at a time when Alliance Seating & Mobility's parent company, The SCOOTER Store, is undergoing a "business revitalization" according to its Web site and has limited ability to service the power mobility products it's sold.

Bankruptcy Filing

The SCOOTER Store, based in New Braunfels, Texas, filed for bankruptcy in April. At press time, its Web site homepage said the company was "open for business and serving customer needs." But another page warned that The SCOOTER Store's ability to service Medicare-purchased equipment "may be limited while we restructure our business." As for consumers who paid cash, the site says, "Our ability to service that equipment will be extremely limited."

The SCOOTER Store did not respond to a request for a corporate comment. A customer representative answering The SCOOTER Store's phone prior to press time was asked if the company was currently able to service purchases from Alliance Seating & Mobility, its rehab division.

"We do some of them; it depends what the issue could be," she said. "If it's something fairly simple that we can get parts for, yes. If not, we do see if we can point them in a different direction."

Numotion has announced it's willing to help Alliance customers if they're looking for a place to turn.

Merger Creates Greater Service Capacities

Michael Wilson, director of national repair for Numotion, says the offer to help is an independent one and not part of any partnership with The SCOOTER Store.

"The [Numotion] leadership team came together and decided this was the right thing to do," Wilson told Mobility Management. "We saw the need with the Alliance customers who are complex rehab customers, and we wanted to be able to provide this service."

Numotion was formed earlier this year, when national rehab providers ATG Rehab and United Seating & Mobility merged. That timing, as well as ongoing transitional work as a result of the merger, puts Numotion in the right place at the right time, Wilson explained.

"We have a number of initiatives that we're working on to improve our efficiency and our capacity," he noted. "We are making process changes and investing in new technology which give us the capacity to take on additional customers."

Given its complex rehab focus, Numotion is offering to service Alliance Seating & Mobility chairs and accessories: "We're able to help any customer who has a piece of complex rehab technology who is finding it's not functioning in the way that it should," Wilson said.

Alliance customers are invited to call Numotion's National Customer Care Center (800-500-9150) or their local branch office. Numotion intake personnel will work with consumers to discuss what's wrong with the equipment, as well as to determine Medicare information, such as what equipment is on file with the agency.

Wilson noted that all Numotion ( locations are offering to help out Alliance customers.

"Our locations have the size and capacity to handle additional influx," he said. "In addition, we have neighboring locations that can assist on a case-by-case basis."

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