Permobil & TiLite Sign Canadian Deal

Permobil sales representatives will be selling TiLite ultralightweight manual chairs in Canada, the two manufacturers have reported.

TiLite will continue to provide customer service and support, the company said in a news announcement.

TiLite CEO David Lippes said of the new agreement, "There is one company in the world that matches TiLite's vision that what matters most in mobility is quality and performance, and that company is Permobil."

Larry Jackson, Permobil's North American president/CEO added, "As Permobil continues to expand our marketshare in the Canadian market, we are pleased to work with TiLite and our Canadian sales team to help TiLite expand in this market as well."

Jackson noted that the two manufacturers - TiLite is based in Pasco, Wash., while Permobil's American headquarters are in Lebanon, Tenn. - "share similar business models, and the joint efforts of TiLite and Permobil are a natural fit."

The fact that TiLite exclusively sells manual titanium and aluminum chairs while Permobil concentrates on complex rehab power chairs - with the exception of the manual Helium standing chairs that Permobil distributes - is actually a good match, Lippes said.

"The combination of TiLite's manual mobility with Permobil's power mobility will provide our Canadian sales team with the most advanced mobility product line in the world," he noted.

And Jackson predicted that the new sales model would work well: "It will be an easy transition for the Permobil sales staff to offer TiLite manual wheelchairs when a power chair is not needed."

Logistically, the announcement stated, "New Canadian order forms with pricing in Canadian dollars coupled with Permobil partnership will ease the way for dealers across Canada to sell the TiLite product line. For TiLite's current partners in Canada, there will be no changes: All orders will still be processed directly through TiLite, and everyone will have the same customer service and support in addition to direct representation on the ground."

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