Bodypoint Debuts New Web Site

Bodypoint has launched a redesign of its Web site - and is taking the opportunity to focus less on individual components and hardware and more on consumer and therapist goals and end results.

Bodypoint, headquartered in Seattle, has long been known for designing and manufacturing seating & positioning components with an exacting eye for detail. The new Web site, says Dana Pruiett, marketing & communications manager, gives the manufacturer the chance to highlight and celebrate that crucial cause.

"The right positioning can mean so much to a person's life," Pruiett explained during a Mobility Management tour of the new site. "We are champions of positioning. We are helping people to achieve their full potential."

Bodypoint's homepage now features revolving stories of how positioning - very exact positioning - opens up new worlds of possibilities. An example: Todd Stabelfeldt, who has C4 quadriplegia and has been using Bodypoint's Tri-lock Rotating Shaft for the last 10 years to access his power chair's controls.

"My world is in millimeters," Stabelfeldt explained. "My Bodypoint Midline Joystick, gives me independence allowing me to drive with my chin -- this is critical to my success!"

Within each of these success stories are links to the products being discussed and, more importantly, photos and videos that demonstrate the technology in action. Hal's story, for instance, shares the experience of a father with multiple sclerosis and a weakened diaphragm being able to speak at his daughter's wedding thanks to Bodypoint's Monoflex Chest Support.

"It has provided courage, confidence, hope and dignity," Hal said about the Monoflex in a thank-you video.

Product-wise, the new site sorts Bodypoint's offerings first by where the product will be used: Pelvic Positioning, Lower Body, or Upper Body. There are also categories for Specialty products (such as those for shower environments, for kids, and for athletes and active users); Power Chair Components; and Hardware.

Once a clinician, provider or consumer chooses a particular item - for example, the Sub-ASIS compatible belt - the site helps to narrow product selection by, in the case of the Sub-ASIS belt, first showing available sizes. Once a size has been chosen, the site shows available buckle types, pull style, attachment hardware and attachment points.

Rehab providers can sign in to get a price quote, while consumers can search for a Bodypoint "partner" who sells the product.

In fact, Bodypoint's site includes a Partner Center, which will soon include educational opportunities and already includes an asset and image library. Providers can access the library via their Bodypoint account to reach product literature and product images, among other items.

Pruiett indicates that the site is evolving, with additional features and functions planned for roll-out in the future - but the site is already a fun and inspiring place to explore.

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