Mobility Management to Host Feb. 20 Funding Webinar

As every seating & mobility provider and DME supplier knows, the patient assessments, home evaluations, the careful measurements and painstaking matching of equipment to each beneficiary is only part of the job.

Too often, the truly backbreaking - and sometimes soul-crushing - work involves funding: Making sure a claim is paid, and then making sure it stays paid.

Whether you are a larger business with a dedicated reimbursement staff or a smaller provider whose employees wear several hats at the same time, the need to stay updated on Medicare funding issues has never been greater.

And this year, the need for funding knowledge is even more critical, as the entire healthcare industry prepares for the adoption of ICD-10 codes this fall.

With these high stakes in mind, Mobility Management is hosting a live Feb. 20 Webinar called Ready, Set, Go: Funding & Policy Changes in 2014.

The hour-long Webinar, which will include a live Q&A session afterward, will be presented by Jim Stephenson, rehab reimbursement manager for Invacare Corp.

The Webinar will address these crucial funding topics:

Face-to-face requirement for DME: What needs to be covered in the face-to-face exam and documentation; the timing as we know it; written order requirement details; affected product categories; policies for patients discharged from hospitals.

CRT capped rental: What codes and product categories will be affected by the migration from routinely purchased to capped rental; when implementation will happen; questions still unanswered.

ICD-10: When it's coming; who's impacted; the differences between ICD-9 and ICD-10; side-by-side examples; how to prepare.

Medicare competitive bidding: Recap of rounds and timing; problems from the first few rounds; billing problems.

Audits: What Medicare wants to see and know; how to build a proactive audit process; how to respond when you're audited.

Repairs and replacement: The causes behind this growing access issue; documentation difficulties; creating a business plan and policy for handling repair requests.

The live Webinar takes place Thurs., Feb. 20, starting at 2 p.m. Eastern/11 a.m. Pacific. Registrants can also access a 24/7 archive of the Webinar for 90 days after the event concludes. The registration fee is $89.

To register, click HERE.

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