Mobility Ventures Announces Inaugural List of Dealers

Mobility Ventures, which owns the wheelchair-accessible MV-1 automotive vehicle, has announced it's signed up more than 50 dealers in the United States in anticipation of the vehicle's re-launch.

"We have surpassed a milestone of signing more than 50 dealers across the country to sell the revolutionary MV-1," said John Walsh, Mobility Ventures' VP of sales & marketing, in a news announcement. "Today's announcement marks the start of building a strong dealership network, both domestic and international, that will be well positioned to provide the MV-1 to the consumer and commercial markets. These are well established dealers with a strong reputation for customer satisfaction in sales and service."

Walsh says the AM General plant that will be manufacturing the MV-1 has started production, and that dealers should start receiving new MV-1 vehicles in March.

AM General was the MV-1's assembler when the vehicle was owned by Vehicle Product Group (VPG). Following VPG's shutdown last spring, AM General purchased the MV-1 and created Mobility Ventures, a wholly owned AM General subsidiary, to serve as the new manufacturer.

The MV-1 is purpose built as an accessible vehicle. For a full list of MV-1 dealers, including a dealer database searchable by region or ZIP code, visit

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