Report: Robotic Rehab Market Boom Is Around the Corner

Exoskeletons may be relatively new to the rehabilitation technology landscape, but they and other related mobility devices will see exponential growth in the coming years, according to a new report by Research and Markets.

The report says the current market for “rehabilitation robots” is $43.3 million. But the report predicts the segment will be worth $1.8 billion worldwide by 2020, with growth being “a result of the effectiveness of robotic treatment of muscle difficulty.”

“The usefulness of the rehabilitation robots is increasing,” the report adds. “Doing more sophisticated combinations of exercise [has] become more feasible as the technology evolves.”

The report includes rehabilitation robots, active prostheses and exoskeletons as part of the growth segment.

While many of the devices are expected to be used “inside rehabilitation treatment centers and sports facilities,” the report also includes a section on the technology used in the home.

These medical devices, the report’s authors say, could be used to help patients who have had strokes, hip replacements or spinal cord injuries. The robotic devices could adjust the support they give to rehab clients and could gradually offer less support as clients regain or improve in function.

For a summary of the report, click HERE.

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