Q&A: Steve Kohlman, Aquila Corp.

Mobility Management: What type of consumer is most likely to benefit from the Airpulse PK2 (APK2) wheelchair seat cushion? Airpulse PK2

Steve Kohlman: The clients that would benefit the most from this system are (1) anyone who currently has a pressure sore regardless of the stage; and (2) clients considered to be high risk for developing pressure sores, such as quadriplegics and paraplegics or anyone unable to do manual pressure lifts every 20 minutes.

MM: What are the APK2 features that work on behalf of wheelchair users who have or are at risk for pressure sores?

SK: The APK2 works by automatically redistributing pressure and relieving compressed tissue under the pelvis. This is similar to the technology seen in alternating mattresses, but the APK2 lets the client sit rather than be confined to bed while the therapy takes place.

The APK2 is capable of changing pressure distribution up to 30 times per hour, and both the firmness and cycle actions are adjustable to client preference.

The automatic pressure relief ensures adequate perfusion to compressed tissue and eliminates the number-one cause of pressure sores, which is constant unrelieved pressure.

MM: Attaining beneficial pressure relief is a huge challenge for a lot of wheelchair users. How does the APK2 differ from other cushions that seek to provide pressure relief?

SK: We custom build each cushion per the client's specifications and wound location such that the wound is offloaded full time. Unlike competitors' cushions, each APK2 cushion is custom made to offload exactly where needed, and we have no limitations as to size, shape or configuration of the cushion.

Lumbar pads or full back pads options are available, and we offer an inflatable positioning pad that lets the client compensate for pelvic obliquity.

The battery-operated APK2 system will run for more than 40 hours per charge, and now there is a battery status light that will tell the user when the battery needs to be charged.

Unlike static air cushions, the APK2 cushion is unaffected by changes in temperature or altitude.

There is no weight limit, so even bariatric clients can benefit from this cushion system.

The APK2 is very easy to clean, and it is a modular system so that options such as the moisture control fan and remote control device can be added at any time without having to send the unit in. The APK2 cushion has HCPCS code E2609.

MM: How have you made the APK2 "provider friendly"?

SK: We are compiling a series of instructional videos for specific subjects, such as system adjustments, order process and setup. All videos will be available on our Web site. The brochure and the owner's manual are easy to understand and include pictures and diagrams.

Every cushion is hand built and completely customized for each individual and modifications can be made even after initial purchase if needed.

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