National MS Society: CRT Benefit Category Will Be a Priority

At its annual Public Policy Conference, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society pledged to make adoption of a separate Medicare benefit category for complex rehab technology (CRT) one of its legislative priorities for 2014.

In a news update, Don Clayback, executive director for the National Coalition for Assistive & Rehab Technology (NCART) said the conference attendees talked up Senate bill S.948 and House bill H.R.942 during Capitol Hill meetings and would be sharing CRT information with members of local and state MS Society chapters.

The conference also featured a 90-minute panel discussion of CRT, issues to access, and details about the two bills currently in Congress.

Clayback served as a panelist for that session, as did Alex Bennewith, VP of government relations at United Spinal Association.

The Society, Clayback said, "agreed to take this action in recognition of the important role CRT plays in the lives of people with MS who require specialized mobility and seating, along with other types of assistive technology."

More than 300 "MS Activists" attended the panel discussion and participated in Capitol Hill meetings the following Day.

The Public Policy Conference took place March 10-12 in Washington, D.C.

Visit to track Congressional support for the separate-benefit bills.

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