CGS to Conduct More Pre-Payment Reviews

CGS, the Jurisdiction C DME MAC, has announced it will start "a service-specific Medical Review edit" for 10 DME-related HCPCS codes.

Several types of wheelchairs are to be included.

The affected codes are as follows:

E0250: Fixed-height hospital bed

E0255: Variable-height hospital bed

E0607: Home blood glucose monitor

E0730: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation [TENS] device

E0748: Osteogenesis stimulator, electrical, non-invasive, spinal applications

E2402: Negative pressure wound therapy electrical pump, stationary or portable

E2510: Speech-generating device, synthesized speech, permitting multiple methods of message formulation and multiple methods of device access

K0001: Standard manual wheelchair

K0002: Standard hemi height manual wheelchair

K0003: Lightweight manual wheelchair

In the April 22 announcement to stakeholders, CGS said it was conducting the reviews "to verify that suppliers are complying with the Affordable Care Act Section 6407 requiring a detailed written order prior to delivery and the written order guidance published in CMS Program Integrity Manual Chapter 5, Section 5.2.3."

As with other types of Medicare DME reviews, CGS says providers will be asked for additional documentation to support the affected claims.

Among the types of documentation that providers will be asked for are the detailed written order, delivery documentation, a copy of the Advance Beneficiary Notice of Non-Coverage if applicable, and "any other pertinent records."

Suppliers will have 45 days from the date of the letter to supply the additional documentation. CGS will deny the claim if the provider fails to supply the requested documentation within that timeframe.

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