MV-1 U.S. Dealerships Surpass 100 Mark

MV-1, the wheelchair-accessible automotive vehicle, is now available in more than 100 dealerships in the United States, according to a news announcement from its manufacturer, Mobility Ventures.

That's quite the quick ramp-up for a manufacturer that announced its list of approximately 50 inaugural dealers in February. Production on the MV-1 began in March in AM General's Mishawaka, Ind., facility.

Mobility Ventures is a wholly owned subsidiary of AM General, which is best known for its production of military Humvee vehicles and former production of Hummer vehicles, the civilian versions of the Humvee.

March's production launch of the MV-1 came after its original manufacturer, Vehicle Production Group (VPG) shut down production in May 2013. In September 2013, AM General announced it had purchased VPG. The MV-1 had been built at AM General's Mishawaka plant.

Since then, the MV-1 has been rapidly moving forward. In July, Mobility Ventures introduced the MV-1 LX, billed as a luxury version of the MV-1. The LX model boasts upgrades such as plush leather seats, woodgrain trim and a full digital navigation package.

The 100-plus American dealerships join two international distributors for the MV-1, the news announcement said.

John Walsh, Mobility Ventures' VP for sales and marketing, said, "This milestone is very important because it indicates significant progress in our commitment to provide a broad network of well-established dealers who can be depended upon to provide high-quality MV-1 sales, service and support to individuals in wheelchairs, commercial fleets, institutions and municipalities."

Walsh indicated Mobility Ventures would continue to expand its dealer network "into all major domestic and international market areas."

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