NGS Invites Providers to Participate in Bed & Support Surface Documentation Project

National Government Services (NGS), Medicare's Jurisdiction B DME MAC, is inviting providers to participate in an Educational Review Request (ERR) project regarding hospital beds and Group 2 pressure-reducing support surfaces.

Via the project, providers can have their hospital bed or support surface documentation reviewed by a clinician, who will give feedback on the materials submitted, the DME MAC said in a bulletin to stakeholders.

NGS says the program is voluntary. Participating providers will "provide us with your documentation that supports the medical necessity and payment requirements either prior to delivery or following delivery of the durable medical equipment items. You will have two opportunities to submit documentation for the same HCPCS for a specific beneficiary."

After the documentation is reviewed, "a personalized educational letter will be sent to you with the proficiencies and deficiencies of your documentation," NGS said. "You may also receive personalized educational support from one of our clinicians."

NGS says the ERR process is not a prior approval program, "however, we are here to assist you in improving the quality and accuracy of your documentation."

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