NGS Issues Reminder of Item 23 for PMD Claims

National Government Services (NGS), the Jurisdiction B DME MAC, has issued a reminder regarding the use of "Item 23" and unique tracking numbers (UTN).

In a Feb. 13 bulletin, NGS said, "Item 23 is utilized for unique tracking numbers associated with a decision from the Prior Authorization Requests (PARs) demonstration for power mobility devices (PMD).

"We provide the UTN in the decision letter. The UTN must be reported on the claim for beneficiaries residing in one of the five demonstration states [for which] we process PARs."

Failure to include the UTN, the DME MAC said, will result in the DME MAC sending an additional documentation request, "which may result in a 25-percent payment reduction if it is determined the claim is payable."

Including any additional information in Item 23 will result in the claim being returned as not able to be processed, NGS said. The same thing will happen if a UTN is reported on items that were not subject to the Prior Authorization Request.

"You will be required to correct your claim and resubmit," NGS said.

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