GRIP Solutions Introduces New Web Site

A new responsive Web site will make it easier for potential customers – both providers and consumers – to view the offerings of GRIP Solutions.

In a news bulletin, the company said the Web site was designed to reconfigure per the visitor’s type of device to deliver an optimal experience regardless of whether the visitor was using a traditional computer or a mobile device to access the site.

The site includes a demonstration video of the non-stick, non-slip GRIP Solutions product line. Offerings include activities of daily living items such as grips to hold eating utensils or hairbrushes, surfaces to help wheelchair users carry items in their laps, and items to provide more ergonomic positioning for writing or using a tablet while seated.

GRIP Solutions’ director of sales & marketing Dom Berardinelli said of the new site, “We wanted a more visual representation of how our products are helping people each day. We also wanted to make sure the site was user friendly for all device types.”

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